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Management application for Dental Technicians Associations

OTDR is a management platform that is exclusively oriented towards dental associations and offers all the features necessary, from managing members, laboratories to keeping track of fee payments, subscriptions, certificates, certificate approvals, education, and credits. Keeps track of courses and  working places for members and manage laboratory files, approvals, authorizations and working equipment. All of this built using the latest technologies out there making use of a fully responsive platform that runs on all devices out there.

Full responsive design


Using responsive design is crucial to today’s requirements.

  • More and more people are navigating using smart devices phones, hence our reservation software will help you increase traffic.
  • Responsive design and code mean that the layout is changed for optimal viewing on any devices: computers, tablets & smartphones, easy reading, and navigation with no hassle.

Easy setup! No Hardcoding!


You don’t need to be a computer expert or internet whiz to set up and use your management application.

  • Complete solution – OTDR has been developed to include everything you need to manage members, laboratories. Keep track of fee payments, subscriptions, certificates, certificate approvals, education, and credits
  • Clean & Simple Administration We’ve gone a long way on creating a great user experience, from layout to design and architecture.
  • No Hardcoded settings – we don’t like hardcoded settings and neither should you.


The dashboard gives a general overview of the system. It includes the sidebar menu items, the total number of existing members and workplaces and as well the total number of created members and workplaces in the current month.

  • Charts that displays how many members are subscribed and non-subscribed and the statuses of the members.
  • Expired working contracts – In this box are shown all the members, whose working contract has expired.
  • Expired identification act – In this box are shown all the members, who are no longer valid. The date set in the valid until field, in the member’s details, has to be expired.
  • Expired document studies – In this box are shown all the members, whose document studies have expired.

Powerful Management Features


Use the multiple configuration possibilities and features to take full control of your management platform and to provide the best member experience. We’ve thought of everything from the smallest detail to the biggest features. You’re in charge!

  • Clean & Simple Administration We’ve gone a long way to creating a good user experience, from layout to design and architecture.
  • Education & Credits We’ve included the tools to easily manage and track education and credits. You can maintain education units, providers, courses, teacher .
  • Powerful Reporting The available reports are built to give a better insight into how your association performs. Adjust rates, send out reminder, enable discounts, it’s all up to you.
  • Action logging Logs have been enable throughout the application to keep track of the performed operations. Admin users can see logs for specific functionality or all logs in one place.
  • No Junk! 100% CLEAN Code  Each purchase includes 100% source code so you can customize and modify your online reservation platform the way you like/need.

Build in Multilingual Support


All texts are translated into multiple languages. You just need to add the content in your language and you’re ready to go.

  • You can enable any language you want, our extension is flexible enough to fit your specific needs.
  • Multilingual content is available for you to define.
  • Multilingual emails are available for you to define.
multilingual (1)

Automated seating


You have the complete control over the coach seating and layout from the administration area.

  • Automated seating chart  – the coach seating chart is generated automatically based on the set capacity
  • Layout –  you can define the layout of the coach seating.
  • Accessibility seats – you can define the seats marked for accessibility.
  • Table seating – for a dining car you can enable the table setting which is reflected on the seating chart.
  • Seating map – customers get visual details on what’s on the seating map, what’s free/booked, accessibility seating, table settings.

Boarding passes


Upon reservation completion, customers are sent boarding passes in a PDF format.

  • Booking information  – information related to the person which made the booking including name and email is included.
  • Trip information – all the details in regards to the trip and stations are displayed.
  • QR code – each boarding pass has a QR code included which can be validated upon arrival at the station.
  • Directions of the starting station – a map with direction towards the starting station is included.
  • Seat selection – information regarding selected seats is included.

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Benefits Of Working With Us


We allow our customers to take part in the feature sign-off process. Insight on the chosen solutions and technologies is provided along with project progress.

Modularity and reusability

We are building software applications with modularity and reusability in mind. With this approach future development and extension of the existing functionality is made with ease.

Quality support

We provide timely roll-out and ongoing support for the development provided. Our support is not only experienced but also friendly in approaching support related inquires.

In-house development

Our development team consists only of in-house developers. This allows us to be consistent with timelines and software architecture as well as building long term relations.